Altona, Manitoba Canada

My Pottery in Altona is 100 km south of Winnipeg Manitoba

Contact Information

For Inquiries or to purchase wares, I can be contacted through email at:

shaunspottery |at|

Shaun Dyck

Please feel free to make inquiries.

There are a few ways to get my work: Pick Up, A Store, Drop Off or Delivery

Pick up: I live in Altona, MB.  One hour south of the south Perimeter in Winnipeg.

A Store:

Your best bet on getting pottery is to pre-order it and have me bring it to my next show nearest you. 

Unfortunately shipping isn't an option.  It seems as though as good as I pack the pottery, something always ends up broken. 

Contact Information


For inquiries or to purchase wares, I (Shaun Dyck) can be contacted through email at:

shaunspottery [at]

I will be in contact with you soon after I get your email and will communicate the necessary information and arrangements.  Please feel free to make inquiries.

Shipping pottery through shipping companies is fraught with danger.  A large percentage of pottery I've sent though them breaks in the process.  So it's best to avoid that.  What seems to work best is place an order and I can bring it to you for the next time I'm in your area.   The many stores that carry my pottery is probably the best and safest way to get my work.

If you are around the Winnipeg or surrounding area (to the south), we might be able to meet somewhere or I might be able to hand deliver the wares for an additional fee.  Potting however, keeps me working long hours and leaving town on a regular basis has been difficult recently.  Deliveries are increasingly becoming more difficult to arrange.  I am currently living about an hour south of Winnipeg in the town of Altona.

If that doesn't work, I can ship the pottery by mail or bus for a shipping fee based on the size and weight of the order (I generally use either Canada Post or Greyhound).  Unfortunately, the additional handling required for international orders means I can only ship within Canada. 

Order Information

Please note, that although I try to maintain a consistency in the glaze colouring of every piece, there is naturally always variation from one piece to another.  Therefore, it is extremely difficult to fill any requests for a slight variation on, say a particular shade of blue, on any given piece.  There is always an element of surprise when opening the final gas firing.  Variations in glaze consistency, density of wares in the kiln, placement of pieces in the kiln, atmospheric conditions, my scheduling during the firing day, among other things, all have an effect on the final outcome of how a piece turns out.

With that said though, the variations are relatively minimal.  On the blue/earth tone combination (the most common combination shown on this site and the most popular colour combination I make), as a most extreme example, the blue side of the piece might have more browns than normal, with no reds.  At the other extreme, the piece may have no browns (on the blue side) and very bright reds.  

In a time where dinnerware seems to be preplanned, prefabricated  and reproduced by the millions this variation may seem to be a liability.  However, it is that variation that makes the piece unique.  Unique to its production, unique to the day of firing and unique to the final owner of the piece.



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